Luis & Julianna wedding

Tabarca Love Story

Sweet Angell Wedding planner
An island in the Mediterranean Sea with an ancient stone wall protects the village and their inhabitants. Emblematic buildings, cobblestone streets, is it possible to have a better stage for a timeless love story than the island of Tabarca? We propose a beautiful love story in the smallest inhabited island of the Mediterranean Sea.
A place full of history, where several civilizations like Romans or Phoenicians have lived. A very small island, close to the coast that catches you and invites you to stay and enjoy a sunset Mediterranean wedding.


The fresh make up of Raquel Castillo and the loose hair marked with waves of Javier Mas complement the natural beauty of Guiliana and it also helps the pure lines dress of the designer Lorena Merino to shine next to the organic and artisanal jewels of Stay Strong Jewels. When the couple walks around the island, they can enjoy every corner and the previous preparations of the wedding. An elegant two-piece suit, organic fabric in sand tones of Carlo Ruzzini, is the more appropriate for a wedding by the sea. The Luis’ styling was completed with silver and black diamond designed cufflinks of Stay Strong Jewels.

The ceremony next to the sea was decorated by Globofiesta Elche, with a balloon structure that looks like a waterfall to a wall in white golden colours combined with natural flowers. The floral arrangements of Chitina combine with this Mediterranean romance celebration wonderfully. The colourful and appetizing sweet table in pink and blue tones was designed and made by Caperucita Cupcakes. The bridal table had a curtain of lights from Ledilux. It also had varied flower centres in glass vases and candlesticks, with candles in line on blue tablecloth of Mafesa Integral, highlighting the exclusive design pieces of Laura Maldonado. The stationery, in blue tones, is hand-calligraphed on handmade paper by File du Soleil.

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