Laura Murcia

Last year I met in person Laura Murcia, a bride headdress craftsman, during an open day at the wedding state El Roalet de Kiko. I was fascinated by Laura’s personality that you can see in her works like headdresses or pieces of jewellery.

Before I met Laura in person, I knew about her through the pieces that some influencers like Miss Cavallier showed in a wedding publishing and Fatima Canto used during her wedding day. I have to confess that I was very impressed because she is very professional and meeting her was a great opportunity.

Since that spring day, Laura and I keep in touch. I was sure that she will be in my next publishing. That opportunity arrived at the beginning of 2020 with a Mediterranean publishing located in the island of Tabarca and Laamar in Alicante.

For the Tabarca Love Story we had two bride dresses of Lorena Merino designer. The pieces of Laura fitted perfectly with her designs. Laura Murcia created two pieces, a headbandin which the pearls are a memory of the sea, looking for sobriety at the same time due to the rigidity of the fore rated base. This was thought for a morning day wedding. The other piece, with an etaerio air, a bridal jewel crown, semiprecious stones were combined with metal flowers, ceramic and natural eucalypt seeds.

To complete the bride stylism, we had the pieces from artisan jewellers Stay Strong Jewels,Raquel Castillo’s Makeup and Javier Mas’ hairdresser.

I hope these pictures show the details of the Laura Murcia bride headdresses,photographed by Oscar Guillen.